Invited Speaker – Enrico Capobianco


Enrico Capobianco

Center for Computational Science, University of Miami, Florida, USA

Enrico Capobianco is an expert of complex systems with a wide scientific research experience at an international scale. He has explored the field of Biomedicine in multiple areas. He works since 2012 as Lead Scientist at the Center for Computational Science, University of Miami, and collaborates with various Departments of the Miller School of Medicine.

Enrico studied as a graduate scholar quantitative disciplines at LSE (London, 1991-92), Northwestern University (1992) and UC Berkeley Statistics (1992-93), while obtaining a doctorate in Statistical Sciences from the University of Padua (1994).

He was postdoc at Stanford University (Computer Science, PDP-AI Lab, 1994-98), then at the Niels Bohr Institute and Danish Technical University (NATO-CNR Fellow in Neurocomputing, 1999). In 2001 he was elected ERCIM fellow at the CWI – Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, in Amsterdam (2001-02, Stochastics), then he continued with an appointment at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, in UC Berkeley (2003), Boston University (2004-05, Biomedical Engineering), and Serono in Evry (2005, Head of Methods).

With the CRS4 (Polaris Science & Tech Park, 2006-11) he was Head of the Quantitative Systems Biology Group, and after he founded a team with the National Research Council, Institute of Clinical Physiology (Pisa, 2012-2015), called LISM – Laboratory of Integrative Systems Medicine. He remained associated with CNR in 2016-2017, as Coordinator in Big Data in Health. Enrico obtained professorships from the Chinese Academy of Science (2011, Shanghai) and the Fiocruz Foundation (2008-2010, Rio de Janeiro, Program, Capes – FIOCRUZ). He had multiple participations in US academic programs at SAMSI, IMA, MSRI, IPAM and Simons Institutes, and he was offered visiting appointments at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (2003, Condensed Matter, Trieste), and at the Institut des Hautes √Čtudes Scientifiques (IHES) (2010, Paris).
Enrico is contributing to the growth of the Systems Medicine field, especially leading Network Science towards methodological advances and cancer applications. He is now focused on Precision Medicine, Computational Imaging and Big Data.